Image Monitoring Service

picMatch® provides an image monitoring solution for Press Agencies, Stock Agencies, Legal Departments, SEO Professionals, Photographers, Artists and Models. We offer the following pricing to accommodate your image tracking needs:

Soho Plans

The following plans are for artists, models and photographers. No matter if you are incorporated, we want to help you and we have plans designed especially for you.

  • Starter

    $3* per month
    • Up to 100 pictures
    • Custom Searches: No
  • Basic

    $10* per month
    • Up to 400 pictures
    • Custom Searches: No
  • Plus

    $20* per month
    • Up to 1000 pictures
    • Custom Searches: Yes
  • Premium

    $30* per month
    • Up to 1500 pictures
    • Custom Searches: Yes

All plans have the following features:

Instant Search

Search for any picture at will whenever you want with Instant Search. You can re-run the search for any picture at any time, or you can even re-run an entire bulk search, it's up to you.

Result Validation

The system uses computer vision to determine if the picture is really found on the page that was reported by the search engine. You can now focus only on validated results and not waste time on potential false positives.

Website Screenshots

Keep a proof that your pictures was found on that website, thanks to automatic website screenshots. The system takes a picture of the page, the way it was when it was found, and keeps it for you in case you may need a proof for legal purposes, or else.


Configure excluded domains to avoid having to peruse through too many results that do not interest you. Keep focused.

Lucene Query Syntax

When looking at your results, you can use a powerful Lucene query to filter only the results that you want to see.

Free Support

Support is simply, free. Yes, we will help you if you need us. And we won't charge you extra money for it.

Corporate Plans

The following are plans for corporations. Corporations require us to handle a very large number of images, and we do that very well.

  • Corporate Basic

    $300* per month
    • Up to 10,000 pictures
    • 1 Search per Picture per Month
  • Corporate Plus

    $700* per month
    • Up to 25,000 pictures
    • 1 Search per Picture per Month
  • Corporate Premium

    $1000* per month
    • Up to 40,000 pictures
    • 1 Search per Picture per Month
  • Corporate Custom

    Contact us for pricing* per month
    • If your business needs us to monitor more than 40,000 pictures, you will need to call us so we can figure out together a proper pricing scheme, which will accomodate both you, and us.

Image Monitoring! Not just a search!

picMatch is an Image Monitoring Service intended for Press Agencies, Legal Departments, SEO Professionals, Photographers, Artists and Models.
We don't just search for your pictures once and give you the results, we actually keep monitoring for your pictures, and will give you the updates, when we find them.

A price that is right

We offer a pricing that is fair for what you get, and depending on your needs. It won't break the bank and let you enjoy our service for a long time to come.


Our system is built on a cloud infrastructure with multiple levels of redundency and scalability. This ensures that we can provide you a service with high availability and reliability.

Because you have the right to know!

You should be able to know where your pictures are used on the web. No matter if you sell them through stock agencies. If someone bought one of your images and is using it on the web, our system should find it, and will let you know.

3 major search engines, at your service

picMatch uses the services of 3 major search engines from accross the world. If your image is used, even in a country accross the globe, it will find it.

Why Us?

Because our system is reliable and powerful. It makes the monitoring of your images, a no brainer, with almost no effort on your part. Just upload your images (once), and enjoy the satisfaction when we find matches of your pictures! It is truly exciting!

* Prices in US dollars. Local taxes will be applied.